The Introduction to Investment Governance seminar is designed to give trustees the ability, knowledge and tools to question and challenge the information and advice they are given, and to make effective investment decisions which can improve pension fund performance.

This practical two hour training is a cost effective way to deliver fresh and independent investment governance perspectives to a trustee off-site or training day at a client designated venue. It is designed for trustees and investment decision-makers demanding more extensive and formal training to evidence their development free of the usual conflicts of interest normally associated with training delivered by existing or potential investment service providers.

The speakers will deliver practical guidance on how a pension fund can better measure and manage investment activities to meet long-term investment objectives, as well as sharing useful insights from the world of hands-on investment management.

This fully independent governance training is provided by senior investment practitioners with more than 25 years of practical institutional investment experience and performance improvement track-records. It is our experience that small improvements can often make a big difference.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Identify potential areas of improvement to investment governance for your pension scheme
  • Understand how these improvements can contribute to cost reduction and performance improvement
  • Apply simple and practical investment management thinking to the review of investment propositions
  • Challenge investment strategy and value-for-money
  • Develop a simple framework to measure and assess investment advice objectively
  • Question and challenge ‘experts’ with increased confidence

Training targeted at investment decision-makers such as: Member nominated or employer nominated trustees of private sector pension funds, elected members or appointed representatives in a local government pension fund (LGPS), Trustees and Investment staff in Charitable Foundations, Family offices and similar institutions.

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