CLERUS Performance Improvement Process enables you to leverage the output of the investment advisor and investment manager review process to achieve measurable and sustainable performance improvements. Having agreed with you on performance objectives, we partner with the in-house team in delivering the actual improvements and cost-savings identified during the review.

We provide practical solutions designed to deliver immediate and long lasting benefits from your existing portfolio rather than proposals to make new investments. Working hand-in-hand with your Pension team, our structure enables you to achieve real-time improvements in decision-making, governance and management of existing investments. Our aim is to have changes implemented within an average of 90 days, enabling you to achieve tangible results over the subsequent 12 month period. The performance improvement process includes:

  • Independent review of: benchmarks and investment objectives, investment decision-making, performance of investment advisors’ recommendations and investment management fees.
  • Presentation and review of recommendations with trustees and investment staff and agree on a performance improvement plan that outlines the scope of the process.
  • Establishing realistic and achievable objectives and performance assumptions.
  • Support in setting up framework for decision-making and governance solution where value-detracting activities are fully understood and where the main focus going forward is on value-added activities.
  • Advice for negotiating fee reductions with external managers.
  • Regular status reports throughout the process
  • Training if required

If you would like a more detailed presentation, or a discussion on how a CLERUS Performance Improvement process can help you increase investment return by delivering increased in-house expertise and an improved decision-making framework for your Pension Fund, please contact us.