CLERUS are the only firm to offer UK Pension Funds a fully independent Performance Review of their investment advisors’ recommendations. This enables UK pension fund trustees and investment staff to assess the impact and effectiveness of investment consulting advice and to achieve full compliance with Myners’ Principle on performance measurement in an easy and cost-efficient way.

The fully independent performance review makes use of a tried and tested performance review and management reporting process developed to evaluate and improve the performance of investment decisions within leading investment management firms. A typical UK Pension Fund review will cover 10-12 years of performance data and can be completed in less than 30 days.* The review delivers:

  • Full compliance with Myners’ principle on performance measurement
  • Independent performance review of advisors and their advice
  • Clear and transparent attribution analysis covering all relevant changes made to benchmark and managers
  • Identification of activities that have added or detracted value
  • Independent assessment of current benchmark relative performance objectives (from the Statement of Investment Principles).
  • Alignment of governance process with all investment related activities.

If you would like a more detailed presentation, sample reports or a discussion on how a CLERUS performance review can enable you to achieve full compliance with the Myners’ Principle on Performance Measurement in your annual report, please contact us.

*assuming data access and standard complexity.