CLERUS Professional CIO Service is suitable for small to medium sized pension funds who do not have the capacity to hire full-time investment expertise, or build an internal investment capability. By paying only for the effective time you need, plan sponsors and trustees can significantly improve their investment governance and investment decision-making for a fraction of the cost they would pay for other outsourcing solutions such as fiduciary management, while keeping full in-house control of their investment process.

A professional CIO will partner with the investment committee and help ensure it takes fewer, better and more deliberate investment decisions having thoroughly challenged all incoming investment propositions and advice using objective and data-driven investment analysis and fully examined all of the alternatives available. This in-house capability will enable trustees to more effectively off-set the ‘sell bias’ in their current investment decision-making process and has the potential to significantly improve performance and reduce cost without taking on any more investment risk.

The objectives of the professional CIO are set in partnership with plan sponsor and trustees, and performance measured against those objectives. The benefits of the professional CIO service are:

  • Ensures that all investment propositions are fully analysed and that all investment alternatives available to the pension fund are evaluated before committing investment.
  • Enables trustees to take fully informed investment decisions and at the right price.
  • Support in setting up framework for decision-making and governance solution where value-detracting activities are fully understood and where the main focus going forward is on value-added activities.
  • Fills the knowledge and qualification gap and builds lasting in-house investment decision capability.
  • Reduces time and money spend on external investment analysis and manager selection exercises
  • Only serves the interests of, and agreed objectives with, the pension fund

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