CLERUS offers senior investment management, governance and decision-making expertise to Pension Funds or other asset owners looking to evaluate the efficiency of their current investment advisors and process. We are the first to offer a formal process to review the performance of a Pension Funds’ investment advisors. We believe that compliance with this important governance principle will provide transparency to trustees and investment staff, which has the potential to unlock significant performance improvements and cost-efficiencies.

makes use of a flexible and intuitive performance review and management reporting process developed to evaluate the performance of investment decisions by portfolio managers within leading investment firms.
Our formal performance review process has been developed and successfully deployed within leading investment management firms and is based on the simple belief that full performance measurement and transparency across the entire investment decision-making process is the only way to enable Trustees and Investment managers to deliver the best possible governance, and subsequently, investment returns to their stakeholders.

Performance Review of Investment Advisors

CLERUS Performance review of the Pension Funds investment advisors (Investment Consultants, other advisors) delivers:

  • Full compliance with Myners Principle 8 on Performance Measurement
  • Fully Independent performance review of advisors and their advice
  • Clear and transparent attribution analysis covering all relevant changes made to benchmark and managers during the review period
  • Identification of activities that have added and detracted value during the review period
  • Independent assessment of current benchmark relative performance objectives (from the SIP)
  • Alignment of Pension Fund governance process with all investment related activities

If you want a more detailed presentation, sample reports or a discussion on how a CLERUS Performance Review can enable you to state full compliance with the Myners’ principle on Performance measurement in your annual report, please contact us.

Value for Money Review of Investment Managers

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