CLERUS fully independent review of investment managers utilises our applied investment expertise to provide you with a clear and transparent attribution analysis of the sources of return generated by investment managers and can help reduce investment management fees. The review is objective and data-driven making it both time and cost effective. It can be applied to a single manager or across the full range of mandates held in a typical UK Pension Fund.

As UK pension funds have entered into more complex (and less transparent) investment products such as hedge funds, diversified growth funds or other total return type funds it has become increasingly difficult for both pension funds and their advisors to evaluate if the manager is delivering what it says in the marketing materials, whether stated benchmarks are correct or if performance objectives are achievable and repeatable. The Independent review of investment manager performance and value-add delivers:

  • Performance analysis versus marketing materials.
  • Performance attribution into ‘market and factor return’ versus ‘skill’.
  • Evaluation of whether the stated performance benchmark is a correct reflection of the process.
  • Evaluation of the value-for-money proposition; are you paying too much for what you are really getting?
  • Analysis of future performance risks.

If you would like a more detailed presentation, sample reports or a discussion on how a CLERUS Value-for-money review can help you determine if you are paying too much in investment management fees on behalf of your Pension Fund, please contact us.