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A Practical Guide to Pension Fund Investment Costs

To help trustees and governance professionals. The landscape for cost and charge discovery is rapidly changing for the better due to factors such as improving investor awareness, calls for increased cost transparency by industry bodies, regulatory and market initiatives and

A Simple Way to Compare Pension Fund Deficits – Case study LGPS

Transparent Methodology Reveals Larger Than Reported Variations in LGPS Valuations. In this report, CLERUS, in collaboration with Dr Iain Clacher from Leeds University Business School, sets out a methodology for comparing LPGS valuations on a council-by-council basis using public data

Why trustees should challenge their advisers (Professional Pensions)

Helen Morrissey finds that Trustee boards stand to gain a lot by adopting a more challenging stance with their advisers At a Glance •Concerns have been raised that trustees are not challenging their advisers enough. •Advisers should be able to